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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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she hopes her father's body will be returned to her someday. >> the nfl responding after accusations it received. plus just as bad as the heart blood bug. >> got a tip for nbc bay unit's investigative unit?
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welcome back. 4:45 right now. a holder announced his resignation yesterday. he's one of three remaining members of president obama's original cabinet. the president called him the people as lawyer and congratulated him for a career of prosecuting terror suspects
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and championed civil rights. several names are being tossed around including testimony he is honored but intends to continue working as california's attorney general. she's rumored to be running for government or a seat in the u.s. stas. -- senate. >> homeland security warrens the dash bug could cause problems to ask the within good raur lawyer ice p use will not be able to put eye they. >> mary thompson is live more on
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that and the latest on apple's ben-got hat aboutdwsh adding to that. -dwrfrm the company said defects could disable windshield defroster or wipers. so fard. >> the latest recall yettier this week. >> well, futures are pointing to higher lp. is condition he said he fet considerable weakness in tech spots.
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the nasdaq dropped almost 2%. this morning the invest roars will look over the gdp. >> well, apple returning to ben gate square. it took members of the bres to the ioften sem is ssh. >> 15,000 before being released. only nine people have officially complained to the country about it. it ruled out a nur frash tem.
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>> did they give it to a sop we. kr ten how about in the next few days? >> laura bring up a guide tans to get its enough. up in temperatures receipt now in the mitt 750. temperatures are come be temperature. so as we meet back here on monday, i'm going to have lot of
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area. it's the next one that i'm really watching but it doesn't come to play until the end of next week. this system is packing a lot of energy and a lot of moisture. now we have a new tropical storm that's starting to soddel up ne. amp can be dial but overall thengs are looking good for now. that can change. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you very much. the nfl under new scrutiny this morning.
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an unnamed source said the tape was sent to the man in the station into the vehicle last. >>. cosmonauts will spend five and a half months in. >> the man who had 55 ponds. >> that will be the yub video is about 4 average long. >> and this weekend brown will be throwing a huge party for $10 or more.
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. he's calling it potato stock 2014 and of course his famed potato salad. >> good to mo all those financial contributions are being put to a good use here. we get the potato salad. >> the baseball season end this sunday. how the local teams are stelnd rye now. dlrz t
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. breaking news from chicago. all flights at o'hare are grounded. the faa facility you see right there has experienced some sort of fire preventing communication between that facility and the airports at mid way and at o'hare. of course, so much traffic coming in and out of chicago to the bay area and other countries as well. we'll bring you updates as they become available. >> have some fun with this, you've earned this now. >> they have three more games until the end of the season but they already know they're in the post season. >> this is a celebration in the
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locker room after a win over the padres. this is the giants' third postseason appearance in the past five seasons. the last two times they won the world series. tonight they'll play the padres at 7:58 at at&t park. >> the a's meantime still struggling to secure their part in the playoffs. oakland's magic number to make the playoffs right now, two games. the a's play tonight in texas at 5:05. >> check this out, with game time the. and here he is right after the game.
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>> i've lived a dream. you know, since i was 4, 5 years old. >> look at that, final farewell. jeter spent 1 seasons as yankee's captain and will step down at walkoff hit for his kwab louse career. >> we'll talk about the impact that might have on the giants game as well. >> over in east bay, it looks like there was a deer hit. they have to clear that off the road. we might see more traffic driving across.
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the giants ferris in those ferris today.
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